Hello everyone. I am very happy that you are here and reading what I have to say. It means a lot to me, because it shows your trust and willingness to devote your private time – I appreciate what I will not prolong. Today I will answer a few questions that may bring the nature of the Workshop activities closer to those who have not had too much to do with it yet.

What is the activity of String and Wood Art?

The basic goal is to spread the idea of ​​handcraft. This applies to everyone, not only those who have never had anything to do with that, but also those who deal with it, say – every day. This concept covers so many different techniques that one man is not able to deal with them all, which is why very often he could simply not hear about some or know only brief information.

Does the String and Wood Art workshop work?

As the name suggests, the basis for action are thread and wood. It just began with string art, i.e. techniques for weaving images on nails nailed into wood – the secrets of this field will be explained in the future. In the area of ​​wood, we will meet here with wall decorations and free-standing sculptures. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t try something else. In this way, acrylic paintings appeared here, both painted in a standard way and also poured. I should also mention the pyrography, which initially was to be only a delicate stepping stone, but I liked it so much that it is slowly one of the core of the Workshop.

What values ​​guide me in the context of the workshop development?

I’ve tried to live in harmony with nature since I was a child. Let’s face it, it’s not entirely possible in such a fast-growing world. However, if each of us do as much as we can – it will be a lot for natural environment. Therefore, within the Workshop, I am trying to minimize the amount of generated waste, and what’s more, to recover what is possible. A large amount of wood used in the work comes from demolition or was simply saved from burning. This does not mean, that it is in poor condition. However, it has a peculiar history recorded in its structure through various incisions or hollows.

What are my plans for the near and distant future?

In addition to developing skills in the techniques described above, there will certainly be room for something new. I will try to reveal the beauty of old furniture by renovating it. I will make wall decorations in the spirit of the forest with the help of gifts of nature, as well as a slightly more modern style, using resin. There will also be many entries about creating your own paints and other products that will help us in the workshop.

That’s it for the introduction. I hope that you will not be disappointed and that you will visit this site and spread it among your friends as inspiration for action, as well as an interesting gallery.

Thank you again for your time and I hope to see you here again;)!