This post brings the opportunity to show off another work performed quite recently on the same order as the Bleeding Sun described a week ago. By the way, you could already see it then. I am talking about Vortex of gray. Starting to work, I thought that Vortex of gray might be slightly associated with a certain symbol. Actually, I wasn’t wrong.


Vortex of gray - collage



Firstly, let’s start with the meaning of colors. Black is a symbol of strength, power, but also precision. The last of these features was taken care of in this case, because the nails are spaced from each other by strictly determined distances to the nearest millimeter. White, is a commonly used reflection of purity and innocence, but not only. It is also understood as a symbol of egocentrism. Shades of gray reign between the two mentioned colors. This in turn is identified by balance and calmness. Due to the fact that it balances between black and white, it is seen as a symbol of neutrality. Other features that can be attributed to this color are: dignity, mute and solidity.

The entire collection of these terms, and in particular the last of these, formed the basis for several representatives of companies from the automotive industry, including: Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar.

Other companies or services that have trusted this color as their primary logo are: Apple, Nestle, Nintendo, Wikipedia, Pawo.
The intensification of the shade of gray towards black (dark gray) is often used in clothing by negotiators and mediators. It means openness to substantive and devoid of emotional play and overtones discussion.


Vortex of gray - string art



Let’s move to more interesting issues. The reason for several misunderstandings when showing this work to the world was a very quick comparison with the swastika.

I even get the impression that this symbol sits very deeply in the psyche of people, especially Poles. The fact is, that I didn’t intend to make a mess around. However, you can’t blame every similar shape for gently resembling a symbol. It should also be remembered that this symbol is found in many religions around the world. In Asia it is given as the attribute of happiness and prosperity.


Finaly, there is one more symbol in this geometry. The regular hexagon that forms the basis for this work is a symbol of the Slavic god Perun. It was often carved on the beams of the roof or in other places of the house, to protect it from lightning strikes. Therefore, I hope that putting all this together, it will give the new owner a lot of luck and protect him from all sorts of problems.


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And what do you think about it? Would you put such a decoration on your wall? – let me know in the comments.


Vortex of gray - string art


Best wishes!