The time has come to present a single work on this page for the first time. This is a picture made with the string art technique – “Bleeding Sun”. The work was created on a special order. Its implementation took some time, but the final result pleased even such a picky person as me ?


Bleeding sun



The combination of red and yellow in Bleeding sun is not accidental. The first of them symbolizes courage and passion, but also self-confidence. The second is a reflection of optimism and happiness. It is also one of the colors of life. Both are extremely energetic, thanks to which they complement each other perfectly. It should also be remembered that both are basic colors, which are the basis for obtaining other colors. It is also important that both are warm colors, so watching them can bring an effect of feeling enthusiasm.


On the other hand, we also have a very specific shape – a circle. This is actually a multiplication of the wheel. This figure is a symbol of perfection, harmony, balance and eternity. It also provides a kind of protection against demons.


Bleeding sun


A work of this type will easily fit into the tastes of people who value accuracy and like geometric shapes. Also, people fascinated by the symbolism of what surrounds us will have a kind of treat.

And what colors do you like? Or maybe you would use a different color combination? – write about it in the comment.


Bleeding sun

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Best wishes!

Bleeding sun