It’s safe to say that art has been following me through my life for a long time. Even as a child, I really liked to draw, paint and create various figures made of plasticine, modeling clay and salt mass. I didn’t know the technique that interested me much until 2017, or rather at the very end. I quickly decided to try my hand at this and admit that it absorbed me completely. This is the story of adventure with string art technique. I would like to invite you for a walk through the paths of history and memories, during which we will watch the first 5 works based on threads and nails.


1. Balloon


The history - balloon


This work has already appeared while describing the general idea of the string art technique. No doubt she was the first. This can be seen in the poor shape, especially in the case of the basket. Maybe I could leave her in the shadow and forget about her existence, but it is worth those who start their adventure with string art to see that great images are not created immediately. As they say – practice makes perfect, so don’t give up. Nevertheless, for my first job and the knowledge of string art at the time, I don’t think it turned out that bad.


2. Elephant


The history - elephant


Second job and I admit it was easy to feel the increase in difficulty. It was mainly due to the very close foundation of some nails, which made thread interlacing a problem. Currently, I probably wouldn’t pay attention to it, but then with my lip between my teeth I waited for the end of each subsequent field. Symmetry has been preserved, and this is very important to me. Currently, I would definitely change the palette of selected colors, because these did not correspond with each other in this case, but this is history. Therefore, it can be an example of the fact that not quite effectively selected colors are able to worsen the reception of work.


3. Rainbow wheel


The history - rainbow wheel


The first job I was really proud of. The wheel made of nails came out shapely. What is more, the presence of different colors meant that they actually create the illusion of a rainbow. Transitions between individual colors are smooth. Thanks to that there are no eye-catching jumps. In total, eighteen colors were used. So our sense of sight can not be bored while absorbing the view of such geometry. I am happy above all that this work is constantly hanging in the family home and my parents are not bored yet.


4. Eye of the cyclone


The history - eye of the cyclone


This time, more sophisticated geometry was created. In addition, several new tricks have been used. First, different types of nails were introduced in one design. There are exactly three different sizes here. This allows you to level the work system in a way. The size of the nail, however, also has a direct impact on its strength. This is due to two factors. The first of them refers to the fact that we can hammered the nail deeper. Thanks to which it “sits harder”. The second is related to the nail structure itself. The increase in length forces (usually) an increase in the diameter of the neck. Thanks to these factors, we can sand more threads around the nail. Another novelty was the imposition of several layers of thread. It led to the creation of a pleasing spatial structure.


5. Wheel of fortune


The history - wheel of fortune


This work was created with a view to giving it to a friend. Perhaps that is why it came out perfectly. The history of its creation would deserve a separate post. I will only write that this work cost quite a lot of work. It was somewhat due to the fact that each wheel has a diameter of about 60 cm, and there are fifteen. However, the end result satisfied me fully – it was worth it.


And which job you liked the most? Maybe you want to show off your first work? Write about it in the comments.


Best wishes!