The fact that one of the first posts on the workshop’s blog concerns an issue related to this addictive technique, which is string art, is not an accident. Delving into the world of this kind of art was at the same time a breakthrough, ultimately leading to the decision to create a handcraft workshop.




String art – what exactly is it?

The history of creating string art will be described in a separate post. At this point I would like to explain something else. What string art actually is? What is more, tell what should be in our inventory to be able to create works using this technique. String art are works created mainly on wood by interweaving threads, wool, wire or other similar material between properly hammered nails.

String art

What wood for string art?

We should say that there are no strict guidelines – as long as it is not too hard, because it will hamper nails. So let’s reach for pine rather than oak. In addition, we should say something about its covering. You can use different types of paint for this, but in my opinion a stain is a very good solution, which will emphasize the character and drawing of the grain and any knots of the wooden board.


String art - boards


Which threads?

You can use embroidery floss, crochet thread or ordinary thin tailor threads. There are more possibilities, however, which I will present it someday. The impatient can search the gallery and will certainly find examples of other materials there ?.


String art - threads


Does string art require special nails?

Not too big, not too small – in this case it is more about matching them to a given project. If it requires a dense arrangement of nails – then it is best to use small ones. In the case of long distances, you can (and even have to) afford bigger. There are a few more intricacies in this topic, but to start with, such knowledge is enough.



What else?

To the three listed elements there is also a template – hand-drawn, printed or any other. According to some pattern we have to hammer our nails. At the beginning I suggest you choose not too complicated shapes – this way you will avoid unnecessary frustration.

For example, my first project was a balloon. It may not looked out perfectly, but at the time I was very proud of it!

A complete set of tools necessary to start the adventure with string art technique:

  • – board,
  • – hammer,
  • – nails,
  • – paint or stain and brush,
  • – threads,
  • – scissors,
  • – tweezer,
  • – pattern.

As a result, we have everything at hand, so let’s do it! But about this in the next post.?

Are you interested in where to get the templates from? How to choose colors, both threads and board cover? Or maybe you have any other questions? Ask them in the comment! Or you can subscribe the newsletter so that you do not miss anything.

Best wishes!