The next edition of the workshop’s activity brings a meeting with a technique that has not been much discussed so far. Namely, it’s pyrography. This art also has many other names. However, it all comes down to creating images by burning.

Pyrography first attempt – Elephant

The first significant work that was done by me with this technique was the Elephant already presented. To be honest, I made a fox before that – he is also showed on the site. Nevertheless, only the view of the finished image on the right made me fall in love with pyrography. Creating it, not having much experience in this craft at the time, allowed me to truly believe in myself. What’s more, it added a lot of enthusiasm for further action.

This work has already appeared on Facebook some time ago, so I put a link through which you can also visit that post.

Pyrography, second approach – Kitty

The second approach to the subject of pyrography was related to the image of a small cute kitty. This work gave me a lot of joy during its creation. It is worth adding, which is easy to see after reviewing the page, that I like cats. Therefore, the sight of each subsequent element appearing in the wood caused a more radiant smile to appear on the face. Look for yourself – how can you not like such a creature?

Pyrography third edition – Eagle

Third approach and this time some problems have already appeared. Creating a feathers was not so simple (at least then). It was hard to judge if it came out properly. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the final form of work. In fact, it could be a little more life entangled, but the time and opportunity will come when I will make the next pictures using the pyrograph.

And how do you like this technique? Did the post persuade someone to try their hand at woodburning? Or maybe I inspired someone of practitioners to work on any of the listed animals? Let me know in the comments!



Best wishes!