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Short characteristics

Welcome to my world of handcraft

The String and Wood Art studio, despite its short existence, has already appeared in the hearts of many people – both those more interested in handicrafts and those who are just entering this trend.

A growing workshop and a richer base of ideas and projects day by day are positively tuned in the context of the future. Currently, I use several techniques, of which string art is undoubtedly the leading one. Over time, the range of possibilities will certainly be expanded.

I’m sure everyone will find something for themselves. If I am wrong – let me know and we will come up with a solution together.

In the near future there are plans to perform more works in the field of screw art and those created with acrylic paints. Next, woodburning and resin games will enter the wallpaper.


Highest quality

Promises given to you

I always try to be honest with all the people I meet on my way. Therefore, I would like to provide you with several guarantees that you can count on when choosing my products.


100% handmade

The studio does not offer works by other artists or works created in bulk. Time, passion and commitment have been invested in each project.


Easy contact completed successfully

If you haven’t found what you want – don’t worry. Write to me and we will definitely find a solution that will fully satisfy you. There is no better or worse news – everyone will find the answer.


Environmental Protection

The wood used in the workshop is largely recycled – thanks to this, the problem of tree felling is not deepened. The vast majority of substances used are of natural origin, which facilitates possible waste utilization.

Burned wood

High quality

The products used in the studio are characterized by high resistance to various environmental factors and exceptional quality, which enhances the aesthetic value.


Safety first

Goods aiming at you after buying them are skilfully packed, which prevents them from being damaged in any way. Each packet is additionally equipped with appropriate warning stickers placed on the carton.


A clear and fair transaction

There are no stars and hidden small print. The offers are created so that everyone is fully aware of the steps taken.

String art

The String Art technique is becoming more and more interesting for people around the world. This is mainly due to the wide range of solutions that can be used in it, and the fact that we are practically limited only by imagination.

Wooden sculptures

One of my favorite areas. It allows you to completely transfer the current state of mind to a piece of wood and create from it something that some will call “beautiful” or at least “interesting”.

Wooden wall decorations

The undoubted advantage of most works in this field is the fact that they are made of wood recovered from various types of places. I try to live by the principles of no waste and upcycle. Will recycled wood win your hearts? I invite you to the gallery for more examples.


Painting with fire – this wonderful technique allows you to create amazing compositions. They can be a perfect gift for any occasion. Do you know what you want to see in the picture? Let me know and it will become a reality on your wishes.

Acrylic paintings

The classic use of paints – in this case acrylic, but with time, certainly other types will appear here. The mainstream that will be seen here will be abstract images, also in the field of mixed media.

Acrylic poured paintings

An interesting technique that allows you to receive unconventional designs. Abstract images not only affect the imagination, but also allow relaxation due to the wide range of colors.

String & Wood


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According to the slogan that “numbers rule the world”, I present some interesting facts and significant data about the studio.

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Tales of creating new works and the history of creating a workshop, comparing various types of substances and machines used at work, and instructional videos on creating your own products.

Pyrography – how to burn something beautiful

Pyrography – how to burn something beautiful

The next edition of the workshop's activity brings a meeting with a technique that has not been much discussed so far. Namely, it's pyrography. This art also has many other names. However, it all comes down to creating images by burning.Pyrography first attempt -...

Your opinions

“The only way to avoid being spoiled by praise is to keep working. There is no other way. “

– Albert Einstein

Stars - opinion Kinga

“Missing decor item”

“The work I received is wonderful. Precisely made, it perfectly complements my interior, giving it a unique atmosphere.”


Stars - opinion Joanna

“Stimulating the imagination”

“The world of wood hangs at home. Every day (differently lit) it intrigues and evokes emotions. This image variation is the best. I would recommend!”


Stars - opinion Joshua

“Lovely string art dog”

I purchased the dog looking up at her owner. We love dogs and it really makes us feel a sense of “awww.” It is so neat and well done!


Stars - opinion Tomasz


“The work done very carefully! A beautiful work made with the string art technique decorates my room and makes everyone who sees it interesting!



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