Cats have accompanied man since the beginning. Their perception has changed a lot over the years. Once the cat was a divine symbol. Other times it was identified with Satan and was seen as the embodiment of evil. Also today, depending on culture or religion, they are defined by various features. Nevertheless, the vast majority of us will say that they are wonderful animals that deserve to be immortalized in various forms of artistic communication. This time I would like to show what some of them made using string art look like.


Cat - four cats


Standing cat


The standing cat was the first to appear in the collection. He immediately gained his supporters. This was influenced by the interesting contrast between the board and the weaved creature itself. In this case, the wood already had its history, which was undoubtedly the nail holes and various cuts. These qualities made the work more charming. The board was thoroughly cleaned, then whitewashed and wiped with sandpaper, which allowed to obtain interesting clearances of the base color of wood. The cat itself, as it is, everyone can see. Black, proudly stretched up. The use of a crochet thread as a filling thread and complete weaving of the shape resulted in an excellent effect.


Standing cat


Standing cat in gallery


Sitting cat


The next cat that joined the family was the sitting cat. In this case, the right selection of boards for a given project deserves attention. Two large incisions (already present before the material is accepted for the workshop) undoubtedly give the work a predatory character. In addition, the cut knot in the upper left corner underlines the fact that we are dealing with real wood. The board was cleaned and then covered with a brown stain to emphasize the grain line and the mentioned texture changes. A dark gray crochet thread was used to fill the space between nails.


Cat - sitting cat


Sitting cat in gallery


Walking cat


Although this animal joined the created cat family as the third, it quickly broke into the first place in the popularity ranking – a walking cat. Again, the wood used was of great importance here. Joining together several boards that have clearly marked the tooth of time, but not only through damage to the structure – cuts, cracks or holes, but also because of the lovely natural patina created on their surface. Greenish and yellowish colors perfectly emphasized the grain and knots. Also, the selected geometric form, based on a grid of triangles, gave the work a specific, slightly mysterious character.


Cat - walking cat


Walking cat in gallery


Geometric cat


It is a kind of refinement of the walking cat’s form. Thanks to the thickening of the structure, it was possible to obtain a form similar to three-dimensional. This fact alone gives life to this work. However, it is not only that makes this work so popular. This is also influenced by the ground, which in this case is a wooden board precisely prepared for this purpose. After cleaning it, it was exposed to fire as part of the Shou sugi ban technique, then wiped with a wire brush, thoroughly washed, and finally treated with a pine-colored stain. The effect can be seen in the photo below. I think the other cats are jealous of that.


Geometric cat


Geometric car in Etsy shop


Cat – head


The last but not least one is the cat, or rather his head. Made with a linear technique on a small format. The white of the thread corresponds very well with the green of the board. Additional charm is again damaged by scratches and cracks. Two additional nails were also used that constitute the animal’s eyes in a given project.


Head of a cat


Cat – head in gallery


As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to present cats. There are already several cats in the collection. Some of them have already found new homes. But for sure they are not the last representatives of felids in the String and Wood Art workshop.


Best wishes!