Last week, the topic of string art was presented in the form of various, but equally beautiful cats and wood aging methods. This week, we’re going to take a different technique. Namely acrylic paintings created by skillful pouring of paint. In a word of introduction, I would like to present one of the works, and in the next post I present a few techniques that stand out in the case of acrylic  poured paintings.


Acrylic poured - mirror of memories


A piece of art I would like to share this week is the Mirror of Memories. This work was not the first one I did in the  of acrylic poured technique, but it obtained very good popularity results on the web. It was created from a rich palette of eleven colors, thanks to which the impression of a large amount of contrast was obtained.


Acrylic poured - mirror of memories


Mirror of memories – preparation


After preparing each of the colors, they were placed in two cups. Then, was the time for setting the canvas properly. Pouring the contents of the containers began. A slight tilt is useful for better distribution of the paint. When pouring, be careful not to hurry too much. This phase should be very slow. Generally, the slower the more interesting and varied shapes can be obtained. A good way is also to move the pouring hand from right to left in the range of a few centimeters or forward and backward (distance 2-3 centimeters). Then we will get shapes as in the pictures in this post. However, you should be alert and focused, because pouring two cups at the same time is not easy. It is necessary to control both containers at once.
I guarantee that after a moment of strong focus you will be the master of it. When you finish the work you will probably think about something crazy. What will happen if I will use three cups? Aat least that was in my case;). Acrylic  paintings surface conservation forms I will present in one of the next posts. This time I will only add that in this case liquid varnish was used.


Acrylic poured - mirror of memories


The painting is undoubtedly one of a kind and unique. You can be sure of that. Looking at my collection of acrylic poured paintings, I conclude that this work is undoubtedly on the podium. Unfortunately I have a problem to decide on which step.


Do you like to create acrylic poured paintings? How do you like this piece of art? What would you change about him? Let me know in the comments.


Best wishes!


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