Who am I?


Where did the idea for creating art come from? What do I do besides weaving and woodworking? What values are important to me? You will find the answers to these and some other questions below.


History of the creation of String and Wood Art

At the beginning there was a bundle.

The idea to start my adventure with string art technique and woodworking arose at the end of 2017, when I created my first work. It was an ordinary, not sensational balloon, but it meant a lot to me … It became a bridge between my life at the time, and the discovery of a new absorbing hobby that became part of my every day.

We should all have certain rules. You may be wondering now why this sudden change of subject. Well, I also live by professing certain values. Yes, it is and will be. I decided to do my work, as much as possible, from recovered wood or using it as a substrate. This is for two reasons:

• Using fresh wood drives deforestation, and I am a proponent of nature protection.
• Each recovered board has its amazing story, which I will gladly tell on the occasion of a specific product.

I believe that it is worth living the no waste and upcycling trends, because it allows you to create, in this case, unique works and act in harmony with the natural environment.

A bundle
A chisels

In 2018, the idea of ​​starting a String and Wood Art store arose. This was mainly due to the desire to share your work with others, but let’s face it, it wasn’t the only reason.

All items appearing in the String and Wood Art store are made by hand. Most of them were placed on specially prepared, recycled wooden boards, using various methods that will be discussed on the blog.
The String and Wood Art store features and will continue to be products created in many styles and conventions, including: vintage, classic or modern.

They can be used as a gift on many occasions.
I can easily make personalized works, according to my own design or proposed by the client – help me make my dreams come true;)

These works will perfectly match as home decorations. They will ensure complementary harmony and a factor influencing the improvement of the family atmosphere.

P.S. I use the hashtag #stringandwoodart – follow it on various social media to keep up to date.

Let’s create something wonderful together


I will gladly establish cooperation with producers of semi-finished and used materials.

Our agreement may cover various issues:

– placing a sponsored article about your product on the website, after having tested it,

– cross advertising with other creators,

– conducting workshops on making images using string art or on wood processing and preparation,

– test the equipment and create its review in descriptive or video form,

– helping beginners establish and develop a tool workshop and improve their skills.

If you think we can do more together, feel free to contact me. If you came up with other ideas – I also encourage you to contact me. We will definitely come to an agreement.

He creates for you

My modest one-man band

During the day, an engineer and enthusiast of various fine arts (more or less). After dark I am thinking of another plan to conquer the world;). In my free time – if it happens to me – I like to visit and watch movies (especially horror movies).

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Wojciech Sikorski

Sailor, rudder and fish of this workshop



Wishes or complaints?

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